Yuvraj Singh And MS Dhoni 235 Runs Partnership Video

The batsmen started to run, they were struggling to get to their crease. Both the batsmen had to do hurry. The throw was at the non striker’s end. Shadab Khan quickly turned around and ran like bullet on the right side of the pitch.

The ball was not far away, he fielded it quickly. The batsman on the striker’s end reached his ground well. Even though he was afraid of losing his wicket too. But the real blow happened to the player who went to the non striker ‘send.

The direct throw was so quick that the batsman did not get a chance to reach his crease at all. He was a long way short of his crease. The great arm of Shadab was brilliant. The ball directly hit the stomps and there was no chance for the West Indian to reach his ground.

Up goes the umpire’s finger as the batsman was dismissed run out with a direct throw by Shadab. This definitely put some breaks on the quick scoring of West Indies batsmen. Enjoy the video and lovely left arm action of Shadab Khan, the future asset for Pakistan leg spin department.

Watch Video:http://ptvcrickettv.com/video-ms-dhoni-and-yubraj-singh-235-runs-partnership/

The ball pitched high after the bounce. Bot the batsmen looked for a single. They were almost certain that they were going to get the run. he run might have been there if Shadab was not the bowler and the fielder himself.

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