Shahid Afridi surprised his followers with amazing Table Tennis skills

The former captain and current all-rounder of Pakistan T20 team, Shahid Afridi has put aside the ongoing pressure regarding poor performance in World Cup and surprised his followers with amazing Table Tennis abilities. This was first time that the star cricketer was seen playing any other sport other than cricket in his long career.

It is interesting fact that he could not impress his critics and followers either with bat or with ball throughout the tournament. However, he was phenomenal with Table Tennis ball and surprised the world while swing it in a great fashion. He is currently under fire by various critics for his disappointing captaincy and overall performance.

Afidi was seen playing Table Tennis with his fans at a local club of Peshawar and entertained the youngsters with hidden skills. The all-rounder is very popular among the youngsters of allover the world for his aggressive approach in cricket. In fact he was the man who gave cricket new look with his bat.

He joined Pakistan Cricket Team in mid 90s and remained integrant part of the squad until he decided to quit from ODIs and Test matches. Though, his stats were never impressive, but still he was the blue eyed of board and fans alike.

Many people believe that he became a victim of alleged grouping in the team and consequently could not deliver in the recently played global event. Pakistan finished on the second from bottom in the first round of that event.

This was a good gesture for his followers and he has given a message that he still alive and kicking in sports. However, it depend on the selectors whether they select him as a player in the team or not.

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