Perth Scorchers Vs Brisbane Heat Video Highlights

Perth Scorchers Vs Brisbane Heat Video Highlights. Perth Scorchers Vs Brisbane Heat Video Highlights. Perth Scorchers Vs Brisbane Heat Video Highlights.

Shahid Afridi faces Rana Naveed in an epic clash during Big Bash League match in January 2012 when two teams, Melbourne Renegades and Hobart Hurricanes, faced off each other in a group match. Both superstars of Pakistan usually feature in so many leagues around the world due to their popularity.

Shahid Afridi is known for big hits while Rana Naveed is a toe-crusher. Rana Naveed was in supreme bowling form in those days and his lethal yorkers always put him one level above of other fierce competitors.

On the other hand, it was Shahid Afridi’s debut season for the Big Bas League after successful World Cup where he was the highest wicket-taker in tournament with 21 scalps. His style of play doesn’t need any introduction.

When Shahid Afridi came in to bat in the 16th over, Xavier Doherty, the skipper of Hobart Hurricanes, threw the ball at Rana Naveed to counter Shahid Afridi. In the first over of his 2nd spell, Shahid Afridi managed to score just 1 run off 2 balls off Rana Naveed’s bowling.

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It was then when Shahid Afridi thought that he has had enough. When he faced the 3rd delivery from Rana Naveed, which was channeled on the leg stump with back of a hand fast action, it was sailed over square leg boundary for an enormous six. It was sheer power and strength from Shahid Afridi who dispatched the slower full-toss for a gigantic six.


Rana Naveed missed his target completely and he was probably looking for a slower yorker but it turned out to be low full toss on the leg which was disdainfully punished and penalized for 6 runs over square leg fence. It was a lovely flick of a wrist shot and the commentators felt that the ball went as far as 91 meters, which according to Shahid Afridi standard, was pretty normal.

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