Mohammad Amir Bouncer Surpised Batsman

Mohammad Amir Bouncer Surpised Batsman. Mohammad Amir Bouncer Surpised Batsman Mohammad Amir Bouncer Surpised Batsman.

Kiwis clean sweeps the ODI series only because it was a bonanza happened for them on a particular day.We can only say Pakistan had some bad luck, despite the good intentions. Pakistan is known for sloppy fielding, but much less was expected from Hafeez when he dropped Ronchi for a simple catch.

Pakistan lost the third one day on 31st January. That was overall a good match but an unfavorable finish for Pakistan due to some bad umpiring and some sloppy fielding of Pakistanis. Lets review what exactly happened when Pakistan could not level the series.

It looked like as if the experienced guy did not have any idea of where the ball was going. The ball touched the surface when Hafeez realized where it was.

The Nezealand was not going to make it so easy and head for victory. The next stroke of bad luck struck when the Umpire Billy Bouden had given a wrong decision in favor of the batsmen. Anderson tried to hit the ball but he only ended up to get an edge.

Mohammad Amir Bounder To Renshaw by breaktheinternet

That was frustrating when the players saw the edge but umpire reused to give the batsman out. This kind of error was not expected by the experienced umpite. But Billy did a terrible job to let the Pakistani team down. Billy Bowden should set an example for the players for his seniority, but he kept making wrong decisions again.


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