Hurricanes record greatest-ever BBL chase

Suddenly the brave Umari Masood joined the fight with Salman Fiaz for the crashed Pakistan side. It went like a miracle as they both stayed on the wicket and played sensibly for a partnership that took Pakistan to 227 from 57/5.

The run rate was only 4.5 for Pakistan. The total was defendable but far from good enough. It looked like it was over for Pakistan and they might be all out under 100 runs. The match was in favor of West Indies totally dominating the green caps.

Umair Masood made a beautiful century, he was the star batsman for Pakistan. He batted with a strike rate of 99.12 and he played 114 balls to make sure he stay on the wicket till the end.

Unfortunately in order to accelerate Pakistan score towards the end, aThere were 15 boundaries in his innings and 2 huge sixes. The splendid innings of Umair got Pakistan above 200 and he sacrificed his wicket for his team.

Highlights_ Hurricanes pull off Melbourne miracle by breaktheinternet
Still West Indies have a stronger chance to win the quarter final because the runs were never enough to chase. Pakistan will have to do something out of the ordinary to take wickets and bowl them out, it is the only way to win now.

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