This is a moment of tension for McCullum and his team. The media and the websites are also focusing on this issue. The clear evidence of wrong no ball can be seen on the television video.

Therefore McCullum has expressed his grief and sadness over the standard of umpiring in the first test match. Maybe it can be considered as a revenge from New Zealand for winning the ODI series against Australia.

A deep moment of thinking has arrived for the rest of the test seires. If the umpiring is not improved, that can cause real tention among the two friendly nations. The game of cricket is sacred and it must be played with good rules.

Voges had just made a total of 7 runs. You can see the ball was really a legal delivery, the foot was right on the white line. The bowler made no mistake this time delivering the ball. It was surely not a no ball, the TV replay was seen evidently.

This was a superb delivery which knocked the bails off for Voges. He was out clearly without a doubt. But the umpire gave it a no ball for no reason and made the whole Newzeland team suffer.

Cooper 50 Runs by breaktheinternet

Australia were 147 for 3. The commentators saw it also clearly in the replay. They were shocked in despair and had a loud “Ohhhh” as you can see clearly. The superb delivery hit the off stomp and both the bails were gone down on to the ground. There was no doubt in anyone’s mind to not give Voges out. This was a really lucky break.

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