7 Last Over Cricket Matches Ever Played in Cricket

Match 4: Allan Lamb bludgeons 18 off 6 balls as England stunned Australia

In 1987, Australia and England faced each other in the 4th match of Benson and Hedges World Series Cup. England required 18 runs off last 6 balls to win the match with settled Allan Lamb on the crease. Bruce Reid had the ball in his hand to deliver for Australia. The over read: 2 4 6 2 4 and astonishingly England won the match with 1 ball to spare.

Match 5: Imran Khan defends 4 runs as Pakistan wins a thriller

Imran Khan led his team Pakistan like a tiger when he opted to bowl the last over against Australia in February 1990 when they needed 4 runs off 6 balls with 3 wickets in hand. Simon O’Donnell was well-settled but Imran Khan just proved to be too good to everyone in that over where he conceded just 1 run and managed to pick 2 wickets with 3 played and missed deliveries. Later Pakistan succeeded to come out victorious by 2 runs.

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Match 6: Damien Fleming defends 6 runs as South Africa chokes

It was the 8th and final match of the series between South Africa and Australia that was played in Bloemfontein during April 1994. With South Africa already 4-3 up in the series, they had an ideal situation to wrap the series when they required 6 runs off 6 balls with 3 wickets in hand. But Damien Fleming had other ideas who bowled terrific last over to concede just 4 runs resulting in Australia’s emphatic 1 run victory over South Africa who choked on that very situation.

Match 7: Chris Pringle delivers a maiden as New Zealand stunned Australia

It was a must-win match for New Zealand to qualify for the final of the Benson and Hedges World Series. With Australia already qualified for the final, England and New Zealand were battling for the final spot. Australia had nearly won this match even until the last over when they required 2 runs off 6 balls. But Chris Pringle of New Zealand had other intentions. Stunningly, he delivered 6 dot balls to Bruce Reid to win an improbable match for New Zealand by just 1 run. The batsman had no clue and was mostly under pressure due to brilliant bowling and terrorizing field placement. Later New Zealand also managed to reach the final as England was ousted.

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